Welcome to my mummy blog!

I am many things to many people – daughter, sister, friend, cousin, aunt, boss, colleague, customer and anything you can think of ad infinitum.

I became mum zoned when I had my first boy D (Dino, M as you will later see) and then after another boy, J (Lil Jay) I became ‘Mama Boys’. Now when you answer to this moniker, people seem to put you in a box (you should look, dress, act a certain way…) and they prefer to keep you there. Well, I don’t always stay in that box and I am not always out there also.

So if you are looking for an occasional alternative view on this child-raising business, you’re in the right place. If you just want to hang around and see how my week has been navigating work, wifedom, womanhood and motherhood in this crazy city called Lagos, you’re welcome.

I am a Christian so there will be a lot of reference to Jesus. I have a yoyo-type weight so I am also slightly obsessed with food and fitness. I am a foodie but I don’t really enjoy cooking so you might see something I have made on my IG or here. It won’t be frequent, I assure you. There are many others who do it waaaay better than I ever could. If you enjoy anything you find here though, please remember to drop a comment or share with your friends.






5 thoughts on “About

      1. Yes, I can relate although my boys are now six feet and tower above my head; they are just taller versions of themselves.
        I look forward to more of your Mum stories as they remind me of the early and very energetic days. ♥

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  1. Hello there!
    Your blog has quite a following among Nigerian parents.
    We are offering a course which empowers parents to really be an aid to life for their children, providing them with key skills and knowledge to assist the development of their child.
    The course is certified by the Association of Montessori international. Would you be interested in featuring the Montessori approach and the course in one of your posts?
    Montessori Institute of Nigeria

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