That’s Unfortunate

Me: Oh sweetie, my data is out. Hubs: That’s unfortunate. (Heading out the door) See yuh. Shaking my head. Me to D: Hey D give me the remote, my show is coming on. D: (Holds remote tighter) That’s unfortunate.

What do I eat?

Dino: I’m hungry. Can I have carrot? Me: No, carrot is not food. Dino: So what should I eat? Me: I’ll make you something. Dino: Can I eat plantain? Me: No, I can’t fry plantain now. Dino: Why? Is your hand paining you?

Boys Behaving.

Dino finds me making up to go out – Dino: Are you going? Me: Yes I’m going out. Dino: Are we going with you? Me: No, you’re not. Dino: Whyyyy? Me: Because you boys don’t behave when we’re out Dino: Even daddy?