Lessons Learned Today I

Today, I learned that when having a conversation with someone, you have to really evaluate the entire life-span of the relationship you have had with that person so you will be careful what you say to them. You might think you are having some grown-up intellectual discourse but then they completely go off tangent and call up something they think you did several moons ago that makes them believe you mean something completely different from the point you set out to make in the first place. Sigh.

how you feel

I also learned that I may need to start another diet. My order of priority has always been 1. my waist, 2. my weight, 3. my health but I am having to re-evaluate that. My joints hurt and this only happens when I have put on some weight. I just need to find that willpower again. Looking sexy is no longer the motivation. As my girlfriend would say, I want to do some non-physical exercise and get on a diet where I can eat everything I want and not get fat. Sigh. Sigh.



I learned that there is a relationship between fuel and power supply. Fuel got supplied and we had power for a few days. Now fuel queues are back and we are back on inverters and rationing. Sigh Sigh Sigh.

fuel scarcity


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