Road Safety


We were leaving Debonair’s at Spar and anyone who knows that parking lot on a Sunday will testify to its busyness. So I had Lil’ Jay in my arms while holding on to a nylon bag of soft drinks and Hubs had Dino in hand with 3 boxes of pizza in the other. (We were heading to a birthday get-together). He let go of Dino’s hand to get the keys from his pocket and then Dino appeared to wander slightly into oncoming traffic but I was quick to use my body to block him.

I said, “See he nearly got run over.”
“Why did you let go of my hand, stay here,” Hubs said to Dino.
Trust Dino to come back with, “No, it was YOU who let go of my hand!” (Emphasis his)

I love these boys.

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