Of Tomatoes, Fuel and Things

So I haven’t posted in 2 weeks but with good reason. I’ve been busy living! Hehehe. I know, poor excuse. But the past weeks have been very trying. So I just want to take out time to show my gratitude to God for all He has done for us.


This tomato crisis is so serious that it has reached BBC level. I am tired of explaining the reason for the inflated price to the many people who refuse to read the news. There is a pest taking out all the crops in the North. About 6 states and it could even affect pepper and tomatoes. So please stop blaming the billionaire or the old man trying to make sense of a country that has defied sense for years!

Ehen, so, as tomato has cost, I have heard all sorts of alternatives that make me trip for the resilience of my people. If there is such a thing as reincarnation I would truly like to come back Nigerian… with Dual citizenship … and more money. (Just putting it out there in case angel is passing). I digress.

Yes, we are a resilient and eternally optimistic tribe of people. When shit hits, we adjust ourselves. And then we continue adjusting, even into the ground. People have started growing their own tomatoes, some are using good old plum tomatoes imported by good friends and relative who just happen to be returning at the opportune time. Other people have moved on to fried rice, coconut rice, chicken curry sauces and other vegetables sauce options. We cannot die. And did you hear the one about carrots? Yes. CARROT. Blend with Sombo (chilli peppers), tatashe (red bell peppers) and onions. You will get something that looks very much like a stew but with a different taste. I haven’t tried it but I can kuku eat carrot for Africa so I might give it a shot. Right after my plum tomato stew is finished. That was a hit by the way.

Then I went out to buy fuel for the first time since the increase.


You see since Hubs has been buying it for me, I have been blissfully unaware of the effect the increase would have on my pocket. So first, I went to market with the confidence of one who had just received her salary but to God who made me, I cannot explain to you what I bought with that money. I have never seen Naira so useless before in my life. I tried to buy Ogbonno in my usual capacity but as the boy told me half-derica was N1000, I told him don’t worry, we’ll be eating okra. The woman beside me in the market there said, “Yes o! It is even healthier sef.” Shoo! This thing dey bite o.

As I got home, my stylist called me to confirm my hair appointment. I told her ees like this hair on my head shall remain a few more days o. When we made the arrangement, fuel was still 86.50, little did I know that it would become like that. As I saw that my N5000 did not give me a half tank, I was immediately filled with fear and trembling till I got to the supermarket. See as everybody was just angry. One woman was dragging a shop attendant along with her, making him go and check the prices of any item that was not labelled.

“I have to be very careful with what I buy o. I don’t want to go and beg any body before month end,” she said to no one in particular while I laughed to myself. Next month that has not even started.

In all of this sha, Jesus Christ is Lord. I know this too shall pass. Whether it does or doesn’t pass, He is still Lord. Right now I am just grateful that we are in sound health. He has been blessing our going and coming. No harm has befallen us. He is our Lord and King and if we who are called by His name shall humble ourselves and call on him, he is faithful to save deliver us. No matte how you think of your situation, there is always someone else who had it worse than you. So with a heart full of gratitude, Praise the Lord! 🙂

Oh yes, Happy Children’s day to my babies. They bring us so much joy, it is only fitting that we celebrate them and thank God for blessing us with them.

Hahaha, Jay was pressed!





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