Schools and their Guilt-Tripping ways

img_20160613_215538.jpg I had been grinding my teeth over this text message from my children’s school since I first got it, and I thought I had let it go because – to God who made me – I was going to bring this up at the next PTA meeting I attended, but I didn’t. (See me patting myself on the back for being all Jesus-like about it and letting it go).

So why am I ranting 4 months later?

Well they ticked me the hell off again didn’t they? Let me address this first issue. I leave home by 5 – 5:30 in the morning to suffer through 2 hours of traffic in other to get to my office which is really about 20 minutes away on a Sunday if I’m doing 80km/h. If I will be attending school open days and what-not, that definitely means I have to wake up extra early and get to work in good time, so that I am not looked at strangely when I get up to leave in the middle of the day. So after all this my suffering to run through traffic AGAIN, in order to meet the near end of the Open day (remember I’m fighting through Lagos traffic here) and then I sit for about 10 – 15 minutes to chat with a teacher over my pre-schoolers’ work, only to get home and see this kind of message land in my phone. Spots gathered in front of my eyes, I felt hot behind my ears, there was a twitch on the left side of my face…

What nerve! ESPECIALLY FATHERS? Really? Who does not know that women work too? In 2016?! So which one is ‘especially fathers’? Fathers are special for coming to check on their own kids? What if I was a single mother? What about widows? What manner of… MMM!

After simmering down, A LOT, I decided not to deliberately bring it up at the next PTA meeting. (They can thank Hubs for persuading me, I too like wahala). Now imagine how my hackles rose again last week when after leaving work in the middle of the day, struggling through mid-day traffic AGAIN and arriving at the school show late, how incredibly ticked off I got when a teacher decided to inform me that I was late!

Teacher: Aw, Mrs N, you are a little late (She knows I hate being called Mrs)
Me: Only a little? (Spirit take control)
Teacher: Well, I won’t say more than that.
Me: Hm. Where are my humans please?
Teacher: They are over there ma. You missed both of their presentations. They were great… [fade]

I had already moved on to find them. Not today… not today.

At least I got pictures of them in their costume.

D was all about his hat while J was like, “Can we go now?” #done #overthis :’D


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