Mummy Time

While channel surfing one night I stumbled on a rerun of Sex and the City 2. (Yes I watched it before I knew to focus on things that are excellent, pure and admirable). It’s the one where the girls go off to “Abu Dhabi” (we now know it was actually shot in Morrocco since the UAE would not allow them into their country) for a week of decadent living in some 7 star resort. Charlotte (Kristin Davis) has become overwhelmed by her screaming 2 year-old and the possibility of losing her husband to her hot Irish nanny so it was a much needed break for her even if she couldn’t bring herself to admit it. Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) finally helped her admit the truth to herself when she let down her guard and confessed that she was actually relieved to be away from her kids and she wondered if that made her a bad mother.

Of course not, I screamed mentally at the screen even before Miranda echoed my thoughts in her response. You are not a bad mother because you enjoy a short time away from your children. 

I remember being in a similar conversation with someone who couldn’t understand how I could ever say out loud that I liked time away from my kids. She completely rejected any reason I could possibly have for liking time and space away and went on to pat herself on the back for never leaving her children. Ever! EVER!

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Sigh. I seem to run into more women like these everywhere. 

Time away allows me space to think, refuel and re-energise. Every woman needs that much needed break so that she can function in society. I love my family and I love me too. You fix your own oxygen mask before helping others. If I am going to take care of mine, then it is important that I take care of me first. Remember to take a moment for you each day.



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