Mosquitoes Bites and Bad Comedy 

​So, I just realized I didn’t finish my tale about that country I am not always excited to visit.  Maybe that is why I came down with malaria shortly after. I’m much better now thanks. I’ve only been asked if I was bitten over there. Erm, I don’t know the nationality of the mosquito.

I get to the Hotel and there are no rooms available before the 2:00 pm check-out time. Okay, so I had hoped to lay my head down for an hour or two but that is not going to happen now. I have to sit in the lobby to wait for the pre-arranged taxi to take me to my business. A local Bros (well I think he was local) sees me walking towards the chairs and is already adjusting himself in his seat eagerly. On this meager 4 hours of sleep? Not in the mood biko. I smoothly change direction and move to the next bank of chairs

Before I get too comfortable my Cabbie showed up. Sigh.


Still no room? The concierge shakes his head apologetically. 

Fine, let’s go.

Everything is coming together for the event this evening no major catastrophes (except for the possibility of rain). I didn’t even try to will the rain to not fall; I left it for the Owner to do. By 3 I go back to the hotel and am presented with a key. Thank God. Now this is where the trip goes sideways.

After taking the time to unpack and lay my things out I decide to have a warm bath. It is a cool day and for some reason I am feeling chilly. So I turn on the tap and wait for the water to get warm…

I’m still waiting for the water to get warm 5 minutes later. What’s going on here? Ok maybe I have to wait a while. But next thing I see, the water turns dark brown. Ha! What is this?

I scramble over to the phone to dial the dedicated service numbers and none of them work. I search through the room service menu before I can find a number. Luckily it’s the front desk and they apologise and immediately send someone up to help me. This isn’t funny,  I now have 40 minutes to prepare for this event. The repairman arrives and after oh-ing and ah-ing about my complaints,  he sits on the tub and lets the water run clear. “We just turned on the pump, some of these rooms haven’t been used in a long time,” he says with a wide and confident smile.

I’ve stayed at this hotel before but it was under a different name then. So I’m guessing that with the change of name, there is a change of management too because things are not quite the way they used to be. 

“See now, the water it hot. You can use it now. I will call somebody to come look at the tap for the sink.”  Please that will have to wait till I leave. The water is only lukewarm and not the icy blast of before. 

One hour later I’m leaving and I remember someone will be coming to check the sink. I quickly gather up my laptop and wallet to shove into the safe. I know they don’t keep that safe for decoration,  let me respect myself and my possessions. Just as I am punching in a lock code, the face of the number panel pops out and falls into my hands. This is like a bad comedy. At this point, I’m just tired.

What do you think?

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