Mummymoment: Dear Sons

​My wrecking crew :mrgreen:

My biggest fans 😘

My cheerleaders 🙌

Always fighting 😒

Always forgiving 😇

Always loving 😍

Always THERE! 😁

Dear Sons,

I just want to let you know that

I love you from your big heads butting into my bathroom

To your tiny cold toes that I wake up to find poking my back 

when you escape from your room at night.

I love you when come give me a random hug

And I love you still when you scribnle nonsense on the walls

I love you when you clean your room without being told 

And I still love you when you spill poster colors on my bed

I don’t always get it right

I yell, I scream, I send you to bed early

I pray, I smile, I wipe your nose and tears

I suffer from TATT (Tired-all-the-time) syndrome

So I don’t always take you out to play

I take you to school late some days

And sometimes I can’t make it to all your school days

I don’t always give you what you want

Because it’s a daily test giving you the things you need

And some days I choose what comes easy for me

Instead of what is right for you

I am far from perfect

But I hope when you grow up, 

The version of me that you remember 

will be one you’ll always be proud of. 

Love always,
Your mildly flawed Mother 💕

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