New Year, new me… for real this time.

Happy new year! And all it brings. May our days be merry and bright.

I know I am probably the laziest blogger you know but this mummy something is pretty hard. It was a busy holiday as you can imagine. Out of town relatives popped in more than usual this year and it didn’t help that Ms P took off earlier than normally too. She just got back yesterday so imagine how my break has been? 

As someone asked and I answered, I’ve spent my days being nanny, cook, cleaner, entertainer, educator, mediator, referee and learning coach. I thank God for everyone’s health especially Jay. Since the weather changed he’d been showing symptoms but whether it is him that is growing or it is us that are learning to manage him better I give God all the glory for sparing us the ache of a sick child. So I’ve been giving the harmattan side eye ever since. Just coming to dirty my house for me. Kmt.

The moment Ms P told me she was going off and not returning for about 2 weeks I got online to order a vacuum cleaner. I can’t shout. I always told my girlfriends that it would be essential for this new place we moved to because it is a big space and quite airy too. As my order was not delivered I had to spend a better part of my day cleaning, mopping and dusting while squeezing in lunch and children’s entertainment. By the time I finished that first day, I locked the windows and pronounced doom on anyone who would dare to open them or turn on the fan. Dust free zone declared. Everybody move slowly so you don’t sweat or stir up the atmosphere biko. I have only one me.

I did go out quite a bit though so it wasn’t all housework and gloom. And I did enjoy the time I spent with the boys… that is when they didn’t make me put them in separate rooms and shut the door. They do fight and bicker but when they make up their love is so beautiful. 

I’ve started a master’s degree online and since it involves a lot of self study I may not be able to write frequently (I hear you say, you mean any less than before?). Coupled with D’s school work that I need to help him with and my work I doubt if i would be able to put coherent thought to paper in the next few months. But I do like doodling and remember when I used to do quite a bit of drawing when I was younger. I even had a comic book I made in secondary school. Sometimes I wish I hadn’t grown up. I would have still held on to many of my talents. So this is the new me for the new year. More doodles and even less writing. I hope you would still stop by every once in a while and drop a kind comment.

Wishing you the best of the year, and the strength to bear the worst of it.

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