Why I’ve Decided it’s Just Better to Shop Online

A friend who was expecting, asked me where I did all my baby shopping (all those years ago πŸ˜‚) because she was too big and tired to be going up and down in this ‘summer’ heat. I told her quite frankly, ever since I was pregnant with M, I’ve shopped online for children’s stuff and pretty much everything else. Our markets might be nice and work for many but it just wasn’t a practical option for me.

I worked 7:30am to 4:00pm, with a 2-hour commute at both ends so my weekends were for resting and planning for the new week. It didn’t make sense to spend it combing market stalls and poking about from one muddy, rowdy street to another, hustling and bustling, getting grabbed and groped, looking for stuff that would most likely not be to my specification or appeal.


The fancy shopping malls were more my scene but after visiting a few and hearing their prices, I was convinced I was not in the income bracket of their target market.

That’s your price? OK. Let me come and be going.

So that was the beginning of my love affair with online shopping. I could pick size, colour, gender – just, click, click, zoom in, click, click – read all about the product specifications and add to cart.

I would have them delivered to relatives who would then wait for a friend who was coming back to Lagos to help them pack in their luggage for me.

Image not mine
For my sister o!

Then I would wait patiently until I was told, “Florence has landed, you can pick your things from Festac Town.”


After waiting for months, you mean I now have to ‘travel’ to Festac town to pick up?

One year like that, I waited for my good friends to go for summer and they were more than happy to help but they didn’t go this year and the boys have just outgrown all their clothes. I like to buy in bulk you see, so I can take advantage of the summer sales, free delivery et cetera et cetera.

There’s also the fact that for some reason, most children’s shops stock a sometimes boring variety of boys’ clothing. They have 2 options, blue or brown, ugly boxy shirts and trousers while girls have all the colours of the rainbows and then their usual variety of apparels. Even if you manage to get the right clothing, they might not have the right size and I don’t like it when sellers try to force you to buy something they can see is obviously not your kid’s size.

My best online stores let me choose from a wide variety of high-end, budget-friendly or dirt cheap options but this shipping thing is often a killer.

Until I discovered the DHLAfricaeshop app


Listen, this app has totally changed my shopping experience. All my favourite stores are on there and the best part is they are currently offering a $10 discount when you shop with this link: bit.ly/eShopMumzone to get you started.

You can shop and enjoy summer sales on stores like Carter’s, Amazon, Zara, Mothercare, The Children’s Place, George at ASDA, River Island, Macy’s, and 200+ US/UK stores and recieve your package at your doorstep. Just follow the link bit.ly/eShopMumzone and use code MUM10 to redeem the free $10 voucher on your first order. Watch the video below to see how the App works.

Easy right? What store will you be shopping on? Let me know all about your experience in the comments.

What do you think?

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