Smart mouth

During the height of the fuel scarcity, we were forced to adjust and readjust our power budget at home. These days we are still very humble. Once there is a power cut, everything including the TV goes off so we can conserve power in the inverter for a latter time. No generator till it is dark or absolutely necessary. (We can’t shout, N300 per litre is not beans). So in the heat of the day, Dino and his brother get creative finding things to do including rearranging my dressing table. Finally their father had enough of them running around and screaming.

“See how you are sweating! Sit down.” (No need telling Lil Jay to sit down, you might as well be talking to yourself).
“But it’s hot,” Dino says.
“If you sit in a place you wouldn’t be sweating so much,” daddy replies.
Without missing a beat, Dino comes back with,
“If you turn on the generator I won’t be sweating so much!”
These children sha!


Photo from here

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