Parental Guidance


I was just watching a cop movie in the living room while my boys built a fort with the cushions. I usually don’t watch action movies in front of them but this one was a comedy so I decided to do what I usually do when watching a non-family rated movie – I press the DSTV menu button so the screen is at least obstructed. (I know I should get the parental control facility activated but I’ve been too dull to learn new stuff lately). Anyway, there was an interrogation scene and suddenly someone got shot. D comes running to my seat saying, “Mummy, mummy they shot someone.” Obviously, I felt guilty for letting him see that so I tried to turn it into an educational moment by saying, “Oh darling, that’s not good. It’s wrong to shoot people.” (Yes, remember to nominate me for mother of the year)

And then my courteous young man said, “Yes mummy, it’s not good to shoot people when they’re talking.”


Photo from here

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