About the weekend

Have you ever been in a situation where you were in charge of food at an event and someone you know you’ve fed walks up to you to say they haven’t eaten? Well that was me on Friday. I mean, I had to wonder, was it the economy? People would typically “form” at these events but nope, not this crowd. The “I want more” was loud and proud. Wanting more is fine but when someone lies that they had absolutely nothing? When I specifically instructed the waiter to go serve the person and I also watched them deliver the food into the person’s hand? Mm-hm.


Yinka Davies was fantastic as always. The stuff of legendary divas. Still showing the young’uns how to do it since 1999. At least that’s as long as I have been aware of her. 😀

[Will upload video later]

I also stopped by the Food and Drink fair at Water Corporation road. Dino dropped one of his famous one-liners before I left home.




It was a really cool concept and I ran into so many people I knew from a past life that it began to look like I was in a time warp. Seriously it was like a frigging reunion. I met someone from work, another from University, there was someone from the old neighbourhood and another from church whom I had to remind we go ti the same church (having never seen me in skimpy clothing, hahaha).  There was also someone I had worked with in Ghana and the CEO of a small business I had applied to! This one was almost awkward buy we managed it well (story for anothet day). Good thing it wasn’t one of those days I’d leave home in an old garri sack with my hair looking like the nest in Wild Things. Hehehehe.


Social media puts you under a lot of pressure to look as good as you do on your DPs and profile pictures. Good thing fabulosity is in my DNA, not. No fabulosity can survive this heat. Sweat is not fun or attractive but great company always is!


Overall, I really enjoyed this public holiday weekend. It was good to sleep in on Saturday, raise the roof in praise on Sunday and then chill again on Monday. I’m thankful for a really great weekend and family that makes it possible. Still thankful to have a job to go to tomorrow. What are you thankful for?

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