Travelling mum

I like to travel. And even though I know my babies are in good hands with their dad, it’s still very painful for me to leave them behind. I missed them like crazy even though it was a short trip. I am so grateful to God for my safe flight and return in one piece. … More Travelling mum

What do I eat?

Dino: I’m hungry. Can I have carrot? Me: No, carrot is not food. Dino: So what should I eat? Me: I’ll make you something. Dino: Can I eat plantain? Me: No, I can’t fry plantain now. Dino: Why? Is your hand paining you?

About the weekend

Have you ever been in a situation where you were in charge of food at an event and someone you know you’ve fed walks up to you to say they haven’t eaten? Well that was me on Friday. I mean, I had to wonder, was it the economy? People would typically “form” at these events … More About the weekend