Travelling mum

I like to travel. And even though I know my babies are in good hands with their dad, it’s still very painful for me to leave them behind. I missed them like crazy even though it was a short trip. I am so grateful to God for my safe flight and return in one piece. Seriously, it was a bumpy ride. And I didn’t sleep much while I was there because my hotel apartment was on the ground floor. Yes I know, I am a bit paranoid. #ThingsThatGoBumpInTheNight

So just before I boarded the plane, I saw this post re-tweeted on my timeline 

And I couldn’t help wondering, why an adult would see a child being attacked by some animal (even a domesticated one) and rather than jump to rescue her, he whips out his phone to take pictures! I couldn’t see the humour at all even though most of the comments underneath said otherwise. Made me wonder what was wrong with the world for a bit. Perhaps because my mummy lens were on so tight that evening, seeing as I was taking off and going to miss my boys. But you can see the little girl was visibly terrified by the attack no? I was happy to learn later that she was alright, though I still wanted to see that neighbour!

Then I returned to Lagos to discover that fuel is now N145 per liter and that there are no more tomatoes to buy. Interesting. A combination of rainy season, some bacterial blight that has infected half of the crops up North and a very powerful industrial magnate buying up all that was left for his tomato paste manufacturing plant.

Oh well, in the absence of tomatoes, stir-fry anyone? 🙂

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Have a great week everyone!


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