Have we met? And this is not a pick up line.

At a cousin’s wedding earlier today o, that is how one lady in all her aso-ebi finery began to wave frantically at me. Since I was already crossing the hall heading in her direction, I decided to branch. With a polite smile on my face and a look of I-hope-there-is-no-problem, I leaned in to hear her over the din of the music. I had to dress back when the Sisi blinked at me several times with her whip-long lashes and said, “Sorry you look familiar. Did you used to live at Mafoluku?”

Bhet why.

Me, “Mbanu.”

What is it with people and my over-familiar face. I believe I must have several twins out there because the rate at which I am told that I look like someone they know from somewhere ehn? Or your face looks very frequent (Thank you Nkem Owoh). The one that pains me is when it is one very untush or questionable place. Here are some of the most far-out ones I’ve heard (because I ain’t ever been there).

1. Did you go to Unilag?

Common misconception. As per Lagos Babe things. It’s okay. I’ll take it.

2. Did you go to Nsukka?

What? No. That’s so random.

3. Are you the lady that attended to me at MTN?

Mschew. No.

4. Are you Femi’s sister?

Tani Femi?

5. Were you at the Mother’s conference last week?

Hian. Kini e?

6. Were you the one on that TV show? What’s the name again?

This one is actually not weird but I’m not going to fill it in for you. If you don’t know, you don’t know. Leave it.

Then there’s the only one that sweetened my belly: Were you at the WCF conference in London?

Now we are talking! That’s our kinda place.

Car is parked

Even though the answer is no. What’s the oddest place you were identified with?

What do you think?

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