The Hectic life of Pre-school Mums I

​Mid-way through the school term, we needed to make D a lederhosen (German attire) for International Day. 

Ooohm! Where was I supposed to get this from? 

His teacher called me while I was away to place the order. (Abi?)

Teacher: Ma, we just need a pair of black shorts and crossing belt.


Teacher: Are you there ma?

Me: Sorry I’m not sure what that is.

Teacher: Just google the costume, you’ll see what it looks like. (With the tone of so-you-don’t-what-German-cloth-looks-like?)

Me: (speaking slowly and quietly, because na work I dey) Do you mean suspenders?

Teacher: Yes that one. He will wear it with long socks. Can you get the socks?

Me: I think I can manage. Must it be black shorts though? He has dark blue, can’t he wear blue?

Teacher: No o, ma. Everyone is wearing black. It has to be black please.

Me: (Sighs) Okay, I’ll see what I can do. Thank you.

Teacher: Thank you ma, bye.

Unfortunately I couldn’t get shorts to buy in Jo’burg since it was early winter, so I returned to Lagos to comb all the kid stores at the shopping complex looking for a pair of black shorts. Where I found one, they didn’t have in his size. Some sales girl even tried to pass up girl’s shorts instead. 

“My dear, my son can’t wear bum shorts,” I said shaking my head.

“Ah-ah,  he’s still small nah? He won’t know.” 

“But I will know.”

I was tired. My Saturday was wasting. I like to maximise my weekends as much as possible and alot of that involves minimising the amount of time I spent being vertical. Finally, I packed it in and went home. Then I remembered Ms P has one tailor that is very good at helping me mend things that I need adjusted. Never seen him, but once I mark, pin or give her a similar cloth sizing, he always seemed to get it right. So I asked her to see if he would be willing to make one for D using the aforementioned blue one for measurement. He agreed, it cost me N1500 and was waaayyy cheaper than anything I would’ve found at the shops. I had already spent too much on the hat. (I told D that he had officially become an Ijaw boy for every school cultural day from now till he grows. We are not ijaw obviously but the cap too cost abeg).

 I also told her to tell him to find a way to make loops for the suspenders to go through. Hat, check. White long-sleeved shirt, check, suspenders, check. Socks? I’m sure he has long ones somewhere. Lederhosen (or a type of it) is complete.

J’s was much easier, the teacher took payments and had them made by a tailor. Perhaps I should learn this sewing something sef…

The finished look? Totally worth it! Still, I missed the presentation, no thanks to traffic. Pretty much broke my heart. But I got these cute pics to hold on to. 

D is all about his new hat while J is so over this.

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