The Hectic Life of Pre-school Mums II

​When the school sent us a letter at the beginning of the term to prepare us for the pre-school graduation, I (in my characteristic manner) skimmed the details –

… Sometime in July… Needs bow tie… Black pants… Yada, yada… 

He can wear the black pants from his Christmas suit, has black socks, school shoes will do, that’s okay, I thought and thrust it back at Ms P (nanny). Just to be sure that I had everything, I asked him to wear the pants just so I could see it was still a good fit. Perfect. Just don’t grow more than this in 2 months! I got the bow tie when I went shopping for the black shorts for his lederhosen outfit. So we were set. Happy to put it on the list of things I need not worry about. 

So when graduation morning rolled by, Ms P dressed him up and he came to show off. Two things were wrong. She had him wearing white socks and as a result I could see that he had grown considerably in 2 months. So with the suspenders and bowtie, my baby was looking like Michael Jackson. 

Which is not a bad look for a costume party, but this was pre-school graduation. A lot of people take this seriously. Too seriously. So first things, “Madam, please change the socks to black,” I told Ms P.
It looked better but it wasn’t quite right. The hem was still swinging over the top of his shoes. Dammit. Why didn’t I check this last night? I was still hung over from 3 days of public holiday. I looked at the hem, there was room for adjustment. I looked at the time. School bus could arrive at any minute (I like to leave later, give them time to finish their decorations abeg). I went into surgical mode. 

Take it off, I instructed him. 

Thread, I said to Ms P, while I took a blade to the hemline. 

I tacked those pants so good in 10 minutes, Hubs got jealous. (You won’t tackle mine so quickly o. Are you 5? :-p). And just as I stitched the last loop, the school bus arrived.

By the time I finally left the house I barely met the end of J’s class presentation of Noah’s Ark. Not my fault jor, the school tends to drag out their events excruciatingly. I knew I still had 4 hours to spend there. Still I got a video and got to take these cute little pictures with him and our little graduand.

It was much later that I realised his teacher put him in a Wile E. Coyote costume! Oh well. Still cute though.

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