#MummyMoment: On This Cooking Matter

Just the other day, as I was minding my business on Instagram (because that is where people go to mind their business, other people’s pages). I saw a celebrity’s response to a comment on his post. 
He had posted a picture of his breakfast at a restaurant but because he had only recently gotten married, one of his followers decided it was their place to ask the Celeb if his new wife had not started cooking for him. As I scrolled away in boredom, the afterthought that came to my head was – How is it anybody’s concern if he chooses not to bother his wife for the food that is meant for his own stomach? Hian.

Good on the Celeb for knowing that his wife is not only just a cook but this Troll that is hiding behind a mobile device to dictate what a woman in her house should be doing for her husband that she married, is the one boggling my mind. Shebi he was eating before he got married? A woman’s worth does not lie in her gastronomic competence please. Live and let live. Cook and let others eat out. Abi is it your hunger? 

What do you think?

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