#MummyMoment: On This Cooking Matter Again

​Someone told me that I needed a girl. (Rolling eyes, here we go again). I decided to indulge him by asking why. 

He said you will want one, don’t worry. 

I shook my head. You haven’t told me why. Have I suggested to you that my sons are not enough? What will a girl do for me that the boys can’t do? 

He said, no, it’s not that. You will need help in the kitchen. 

Say what now? Help in the kitchen is the reason I should put my body to work, moulding a human being for one year – ONE YEAR – raise the person up and then turn the person into a kitchen help. Mbanu, God will be angry. What a waste of his creation. 

So the boys cannot help in the kitchen if that is indeed why people have children at all? I ask. This man has daughters o.

No now, why should you make your boys cook?

Really? I think I will be failing my sons if I send them into the world without teaching them something as basic as how to nourish their own bodies. It is just the same as teaching them personal hygiene and grooming (another story). 

This is not even about feminism, it is just living essentials.

Dear Future D and J,

Learn to cook and feed yourself so you do not get ulcer from hunger. You could also choose to make a boatload of money so you don’t have to cook if you don’t want to cook. But please do not, DO NOT ever, EVER have daughters just so that you can turn them into kitchen assistants. Hire a chef biko. It is far cheaper than birthing a human being.

Also, do not make a woman’s culinary abilities the reason you marry her. That is just stupid. I will teach you to feed yourself so that nobody will do shakara for you. I’ve heard strange stories where a wife refrains from cooking during spats so the man has to go and eat outside or beg her to settle. 

O di egwu. 

You should be able to tell the woman biko bye, I can cook. Nobody can hold me to ransom.


#RaisingKings in #themumzone

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