When You Send Birthday Wishes to One You Don’t Always Like

Here is a beautiful number from Timi Dakolo. I remember when I almost got the chance to meet him, but it didn’t happen and I was so disappointed. (Yes I’m a groupie). He is such a seasoned and brilliant musician with that Michael Bolton raspiness going on (ahem). 
And as for the title of this post? Well, we do treat our country like a relative we don’t always like for any number of reasons. For me, it is the crushing disappointment I feel when I consider the fact that we are not living up to our full potential as a nation. That’s when we can’t get something as basic as electricity right. When we fail to make laws that serve the people. When we ruin our educational system so badly that we cannot give our children something so basic as primary education. Sometimes it could be something as simple as tossing trash out your car window. Yes, if you do that, you don’t like your country. At least not in that moment. If you are in a position to receive taxes and don’t do what you’re supposed to do with it? Well, you don’t like our country.

Still, like Timi says, we are all we have. We are still here. Let’s learn to like us a little bit more today and onwards. 

And we will get through this… 


Timi Dakolo – Great Nation [Official Video]: 

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