About That Time I Vanished for 6 Weeks


I know I’ve been MIA, but really, you need to walk in my shoes to understand how absolutely manic my life has been over the past 1 month.

I took a few days off work to plan our move and get D ready for Year 1 work seeing as a change in schools is also a change in pace of teaching/learning. I must have overestimated my ability to just uproot my life and settle into a new one without much ado.

It was not that simple. For one, I had to cut my leave short so that I could come back to do something at work. All through that week I was living out of my luggage. True. My dresser had suffered some collateral damage in the move so it had to be restored.  It didn’t help that I found myself constantly missing my way in the new place. I’d want to go get something in a room but I’d spend hours looking for it because I couldn’t remember where I “kept” it safely. And then I’d realise I was in the wrong room all along. Or I’d find something out of place and spend ages sorting it out. I called the spare room the final frontier. It’s where I dumped everything that I hadn’t figured out a place for.

By the time I resumed my leave I just lost the will to unpack or sort anything because I still had to find a new preschool for J.

Not easy I tell you.

To make matters worse, my license expired so I was driving around with fear and trembling until it got released. I swear I must have seen 1000 police men on the roads that week. I changed direction several times or drove past my stop on sighting any man in uniform who most times turned out to be a security guard. (Paranoid much?). 

When I heard their unnecessary sirens trying to cut through traffic I didn’t do my usual and stand my ground. No. I was a very good girl, wheeling out of their way with a smile and a wave sef. (Too much?)
Anyway, with all that upheaval in my life, of course I couldn’t get round to blogging. So I hope with these few lines of mine, I’ve been able to convince you, not to be angry with me. Hehehe. I can’t promise I’ll never disappear for days again but I’ll be sure to drop a line from week to week. When I’m experiencing crazier times, I do post on Instagram so you can follow me there if you’re on it. You can also like my Facebook page through the widget on the right hand side there. Happy to catch you up soon!

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