Mummy Moment: Sent for days like this.

Another  2 months without a post, I’m so sorry. It wasn’t my fault… 


You see, not many people know this but when I was younger, I experienced anxiety attacks. I learnt to control this but now, from time to time I experience bouts of melancholy. I don’t feel suicidal so I don’t call it depression. I’m sure some expert will correct me and let me know I am depressed but I will rather not carry that label. Tenkiu. During this period of joylessness, I get some pretty dark thoughts, and all the bible verses and favourite songs don’t seem to cut through the fog. There is no specific reason for it and any number of events could trigger it so it’s not about the recession.
So in the middle of my weepy, angry erratic and sometimes mellow, zero-emotion state, I decided to throw Hubs a birthday get-together. I just knew that if I found something to laugh about that I’d snap out of it eventually. So, still on autopilot, I was going through the motions when I thought to get the kids involved by helping them make a birthday card/poster which they would “surprise” Daddy with when he got back from his walk.

After struggling through the colouring bit  – 

“Is my cowor!”

“No I took it first!”

“Pick another cowor… Colour!” 

and getting D to write something cute, I told them, “Okay, this is what you’ll do: stay in the parlour and watch out for when daddy comes back. Get the poster, stand here and the moment he comes in, shout, Happy Birthday Daddy!”


“Good just like that.”


“Okay, you don’t have to say it till he comes. Just wait by the window and watch.”

“Till he comes?”


“Aahh, but we’ve not even eaten.”

That was it. I doubled over and bawled with loud raucous laughter. Oh my goodness! This was always so much easier and perfectly executed on TV but my version was just comedy. 

I thank God so much for you two. I know you were sent to me for days like this.

With their handprints too! Bless.

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