Mummy Moments: Recession proof tea!

Hello darlings? How have you been?

It’s been crazy as usual at my end. Hectic work, study, mummy duties and then sick. In fact I am right now in the middle of crafting a 3000 word essay on employee burnout – how apt! 

So I came down with the flu over the past 2 weeks. The nasty kind, like thick-phlegm-lodged-in-your-throat-and-won’t-come-out variety. Sore throat coughing up bloody stuff… ok you get it. I usually don’t wait for it to get so bad so I just start popping antibiotics (my doctor cousin prescribed them for me when I was pregnant -all of 3 years ago- so don’t jump on my self-medication!). Anyway, the symptoms refused to go so I fell to throat lozenges and sipping honey tea. I only drink herbal tea because of my reaction to caffeine (I get headaches which quickly become migraines). My favourite flavour is my twinnings lemon and ginger tea. 

Morning pick me up

It is the most delicious and revitalising drink you can have in the morning after a mad dash through traffic. And there are a thousand and one benefits you could read about here. But unfortunately I was running low. Because of forex issues, the shops are no longer stocking them and when you find them, it’s like double the price. I used to buy it for about N600 and now it’s like N1950! Almost 2k just to drink tea? Hian. 
So as I sat at my desk, sipping my last cup, staring with longing at the empty pack before I dumped it in the bin, it occurred to me that I could make this thing o! I mean, it doesn’t  contain anything else right? I checked the box, no mention of any other tea element. Ok. I picked up my phone.

Miss P, please when you have time, could you help me get some lemons from across the road? Lemon o! Not lime. Tankiu. And see if you can get that orange squeezer thing.

The manual one?

Yes. Or do you have money for the electronic one? 

No. She laughed

Thank you.

I remember I had ginger from the last time I went to the market. So I went back to work humming to myself happy to have solved a very serious problem. Yes. Tea is very important. Ask a tea lover. Then I got home and promptly forgot all about it…

So now that I am home, having taken a break to write my term paper with the many words, I figured it was time to try my little experiment. 

She got 10 big ones for 1000 naira. I thought they looked unripe. Shebi lemon is supposed to be, well, lemon colour? This is like green green. Anyway, she couldn’t get the squeezer so we improvised. We cut it into 4 like a grapefruit so that we could get all the juice out. Put a sieve over my jug, grated the ginger into the seive and poured hot water over it. It was already scenting in a heavenly way.  I added a dash of my local honey (because it’s important you don’t take too many refined products into your body) and voila! Tea is served. Yippee!

I would have decorated it with a slice but I wasn’t cutting up another one until I needed to… because I’m cheap.

Talk about recession proof tea! Now I can I get back to work. Ta da.

What do you think?

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