This Cucumber Situation

A lady on facebook once posted about how she bought some cucumbers to take home but because the guy sat beside her was looking at her suspiciously, she quickly brought it out and began to munch away. It’s like ever since the news broke about a certain beauty queen’s unfortunate sex tape with a cucumber, this very beneficial vegetable (or is it a fruit?) cannot be taken at face value again. 

Morning tea break

That is how I forgot to pack my cucumber slices today (I’m doing this ketogenic 30-day challenge and I must say I’m loving the results already. More on that later). Anyway, after dropping the boys off, I decided to stop by a supermarket to pick one since abokis don’t come out so early. As I walked through the aisles, all the way to the back where the veggies and fruits are arranged, it occured to me that I would have to stroll through the store with my one cucumber in hand. Not that anyone was watching me but it felt so odd just standing in line to pay for 1 cucumber. Right now, I feel more comfortable holding my pack of tampons than a cucumber! I thought, this is awkward. 

So I walked all the way back to the front and picked up a basket trolley, wheeled it all the way to the back and dropped my one piece of fruit (I checked). And I thought, well you’re still going to have to drop it on the counter won’t you? So I grabbed 3 avacoadoes and headed back to the counter. I waited till the lady was ready before I brought them for scanning and bagging only to collect my purchase placed in transparent bags!

Sigh… oh well. If anyone has issues with my choice of fruit, then they can go and sip some vinegar.  

What do you think?

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