Mummy Moment #32: On Sharing with a Stranger

“I like your face,” she said in wonder.

I stopped in my tracks and blinked in surprise at her honest expression.

“Your make-up is so well done.”

“Oh thank you,” I breathed with a smile.

That made more sense. I never think there is anything wonderful about my face. It is roundish with a flat, wide nose, no cheek bones, my eyes are just eyes, nothing special, and skin? Ugh. The craters called pores! So of course I was shocked speechless by a total stranger interrupting my shopping to tell me she liked everything I thought was ordinary about me. Until she said make-up. Yes. Yes. I like my make-up as you can tell.

“Tell me, please, what do you use for foundation?”

We were in the cosmetics aisle so I showed her.

“And the liner?”

“Eyebrows or lids?”

I ended up pointing out all the products I used and telling her where to find alternatives. I left her to the store clerk but she caught up with me quickly to say,

“Thank you so much for sharing.”

“No wahala, you’re welcome.” No problem.

“Some women, you tell them they are fine and the way they will look at you eh? Then ask them what they used, they will just spoil their face. See the way you just smiled and you showed me everything I asked for even though you were ready to go. So thank you for sharing your tips again. Let me go and practise at home.”

πŸ˜„ I laughed and waved goodbye. Wasn’t I glad she caught me on a good day? I’m not making excuses for the women she described because I have met them. But I like to give them the benefit of the doubt and think they were having a bad day, or they’re like me and just couldn’t believe the compliment and react a little differently.

But for people who don’t share? Information, knowledge, resources, things? I think there should be a warm reception for them in hell. I am not talking about this situation alone, I’ve left the conversation in the beauty aisle and I’m talking about life in general now especially in business or the workplace. We come to this world with nothing and we will take nothing when we go. Stop ‘tighting’ the world to your chest. Give of yourself and make sure you die spent and empty. Don’t be a face-spoiler or a nose turn-upper πŸ˜„. Take a moment and speak to a stranger.

And though ordinary, I do like my face too. With or without the make up πŸ˜‰

2 thoughts on “Mummy Moment #32: On Sharing with a Stranger

  1. Aww, thank you. You’re so kind. I think I still apply make up like it’s 2006 πŸ˜„ Can’t deal with all these new contouring techniques and brushes. 😩


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