Instagram Buys: Yetroselane

As they say, one man’s meat is another’s poison. You order from a store and you get great stuff and someone else orders and it’s a nightmare come to life. No one likes to ever admit they got a bad deal, we always only want to show off the good deals but that’s not real life is it? I’ve had quite a run of bad online shopping experiences lately so this is why I’m kicking off my first review with a good buy that was almost all wrong but the seller made it good!

I found her through a customer’s tag. I think I was attracted by her personality, she just seemed like fun in her pictures. So I kept scrolling till I came to this very interesting piece called the Ada Cullotes. I’m not big on African prints and wears because you have to have a tailor make it to measure and tailors have sooooo disappointed me and broken my heart that I just gave up on ever owning good tailor-made stuff. I had heard good things however, about this new wave of ready-to-wear lines online so I thought to give her a try. Like I said, the Ada Cullotes caught my eye and when I saw a how-to-wear video for it I thought it was such a pretty nifty outfit to have in my wardrobe. 

So I started the conversation. We chatted size and preference. Eventually I placed my orders after 2 weeks of procrastinating and forgetting on and off. (A fool and his money are easily parted and I’m not trying to be a fool. I hang on to mine for as long as I can!). It arrived when she promised so Yay! for prompt delivery. 

The top is chiffon Ankara print while the wrap pants are silk or satin Ankara print which is cool so I don’t die of heat. The print is gorgeous as you can see and my top was perfect. The pants were stoned but I would have preferred to have the stones on the chiffon simply because satin is shiny already and chiffon in dull but still a good combo. The major problem with my purchase though was that my wrap Cullotes were cut too small so I had a serious peek-a-boo situation going on when I sat or moved. Just imagine a windy day…

Yep those are my jammies in all their glory
This angle makes me look like I have no bum which is a lie 😋

So I messaged her, told her it was all good but hey, this was just too small. I mean the first thing that catches your eye on the page is ❌NO REFUNDS❌ so of course I was expecting the worst kind of response to be frank. But do you know she promptly offered me a replacement? Like, I’m just a regular person and to get good service in this countey even from most small businesses you have to be kind of a big deal in life so this was such a pleasant surprise! Such a lovely person. I had to pay for the shipping cost though. Twice. (Boooooo! 😝). There was also a mix up with the replacement print as I was sent a wrong one but all that got sorted out eventually and so now I’m pretty happy with my purchase and will probably be calling again. I highly reccomend her. She’s a keeper. 

Just 2 powerful women, swapping style notes 😉

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