M, Our Personal Fashion Police

So we are getting ready to go out and I am harassing everyone to get ready even though I’m not fully dressed myself. I had on a long top that covered me to mid-thigh. Hubs says I’m not dressed so I need to face mine.

Me: But I’m dressed naw? Can’t I go out like this? (Joking)
Hubs: Not with us you can’t
Me: No? M cant I go out like this?
M: Noooooo
Me: But why?
M: Because I want you to dress up

Aw bless.

Me: Okay, you dress up first.

M: Mummy, can I wear this – (Holding up a t-shirt) with this? (Holding up a pair of shorts)

Me: Yeah sure.

M: Then can J wear this? (He held out another set for his brother)

Me: Ahn-ahn, why? (At this point I’m both surprised and impressed)

M: Because I want him to look cool.

Yes son. Carry on!

whitney hailing.gif

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