Instagram Buys: Review @Kodi_ateliers

Time for another Instareview and yes I bought another outfit.

When I was younger I always wondered how come the ready-made clothes my mother bought for us at the shops in Balogun during Christmas always fit perfectly whereas the one made by Aunty Fani down the road was always an ill-fitting remix of what we showed her in the catalogue. How will someone in some Asian factory who will never know me, make something so perfect but the one that measured me, saw me, touched me!- would never get it right? Well, @Kodi_ateliers made me believe it was possible.

To tell you the truth, I’d been following her for so long (I don’t even remember how come) and for some reason I just kept being sceptical about buying. She wore her clothes very well on her page but you see after being scammed once (another story for another day) I just thought, hmm, all these people that make their own clothes very well but when it’s for someone else the outfit would suck.

Well, did she prove me wrong? Because of the considerable amount of weight I’ve lost (10kg is not 1kg), I basically dropped a dress size but I didn’t know by how much. I still wore my UK size 12 jeans and pants but all my tops have become really loose so I still told sellers I am a 10 top, 12 bottom. Cynthia (@kodi_ateliers) saw a picture of me and said. You’re a 10. Are you sure? She said yes. Well, look I’m always worried about these things I mean, I don’t want to be stuck with a dress I can’t wear or that I’ll have to resize. She said come to the store and test it. I was like really? Because I don’t understand these online stores that don’t give you all the information about an outfit and then just expect you to buy without testing it first. Surprisingly she was in my neighbourhood so I stopped by after work.

She wasn’t there. She had forgotten. My fault for bailing on her the day before. Someone eventually came to get me and I tried on the fitted blouse.

It was a perfect fit.

Amazing. No tightness around the arms, boobs captured correctly, waist properly snatched.


Jumpsuit now…


Everything fit nicely. Like everywhere – bum, boobs, shoulders! All my trouble spots with clothes because I’ve sized irregularly for so long. I only had a little problem with the pockets not being finished properly but even this you can get with stuff you buy from ASOS or Amazon. I also wanted the sleeves adjusted a little bit because it looked quite wide. Then I began to try out some other things I hadn’t seen online while I waited for her girls to fix the pockets of the jumpsuit I ordered before she showed up.

Let me tell you, Cynthia is such a sweet thing. She burst into the dressing area while I was trying one outfit and she was just like a little light. So adorable. Then she pressed me to try more. Let’s just say I ended up spending more than I’d planned to but do you know she threw in a dress for free and stoned another for me? (Because she’s sweet gal and I’m very persuasive 😉). The dress above is my favourite and it is fast becoming my “One Nation”. It is so well constructed and finished, there was no need for a single adjustment or amendment, just add stones. Edit: I should mention it is not lined at all but honestly, the fabric is quite thick and stiff I don’t know if it needs any. Maybe not if you’re the sweaty type like me. Another day I needed a gift for someone and I asked if I could pick up a jacket but she said, “I’m leaving the store now, I can drop it off for you. (Because you’re on my way).” So sweet!

Another thing I’ll note, I’ve worn, washed and ironed her clothes a couple of times and they haven’t faded yet. The prints still look sharp but I’ll keep watching to let you know when they begin to age. She also ships internationally.

My verdict: Cynthia is a keeper!

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