All of Chrissy, our Mum Crush Today

If you have heard the song “All of you” by John Legend then you must have heard about his wife Chrissy Teigen, his muse and inspiration for the beautiful song that makes us all wish our special someone would serenade us so beautifully.

Christine Diane Teigen is a 32 year old American model both Norwegian and Thai decent. She got married John legend on 14 September 2013 and they have two children together: Luna Simone Stephens and Miles Theodore Stephens.

Chrissy with Miles and Luna

She’s appeared in several ad campaigns including Gillette and Nike’s, and on America’s Next Top Model. When not working in fashion and modeling she is a cook and writer. She has a bestseller cookbook CRAVINGS which includes recipes for different people such as toddlers, teenagers, her husband, guests, parties or just football games get-togethers. Chrissy just released another cookbook, a sequel to her first one. Her cookbook is fun to read as the tone is welcoming. While reading the book it feels like a conversation with her as it carries you along. Her cookbook is so much fun to read and she has really healthy recipes which I love.

She is on the cooking channel with her show COOKIES AND COCKTAILS. She has a clothing line called revolve and a summer glow makeup line called BECCAXCHRISSY. She just had her baby and she was public about her pregnancy and childbirth stages. She often took to Twitter to ask questions from other mums. She also talked about her experience with postpartum body and how she was taking as much time as she needed to get back in shape. She tweeted her experience with postpartum depression after the birth of her first child, her daughter Luna and how she didn’t know she was depressed until her vigilant doctor noticed it.

She is notorious for taunting President Donald Trump on Twitter and pointing out his flaws till he blocked her. According to her, this was a high point in her career. She then championed the cause that a bill be passed so that the president couldn’t block his citizens on Twitter because they were trying to help his administration. To her delight, she won. She is really entertaining to follow on social media because she loves to show off her family, and has the most hilarious comments, clapbacks and captions.

But Chrissy has a tender soul too. She volunteered to pay Mackayla’s fine, a victim of Doctor Nassar, the USA gymnastics olympics doctor who abused over 150 girls who were his patients. Mackayla would have had to pay a fine if she testified against him in court, Chrissy and John volunteered to pay so she could. Chrissy’s was one of those that came together in LA to protest the separation of families at the USA borders.

She is an all round fun working mum and that is why she is our Mum Crush Today!

Photos credit: Instagram @chrissyteigen

Twitter @chrissyteigen

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