Instabuy Review: @TheSheetHaven

It’s back to school Monday! Yay!

If you’re among the last-minute-dot-com mums please come round for your selfie with me. We’re in this together. 😁 I forgot to buy socks πŸ˜‚ and they’ve outgrown their vests! 😭😭 Waramess! Yet I remembered to change the sheets in their bedroom. Yes, I’ve been itching to do it and I almost forgot to tell y’all about my latest bargain insta-buy from @TheSheetHaven.

Okay so she’s a friend and I’ve been eying her wares for quite a bit. They just seemed too good to be true, all sharp colours and always well laid out on Instagram. Like how does she have time to lay the bed then stage it for pictures. Such hard work, she must really like sleeping. I digress.

People who know me know I absolutely love a good bargain. I mean, tell me when, where and how and I’ll be there for a good deal. So like every other citizen of Lagos I head straight to Tejuosho Market for my sheets. Last time I went there and suffered under the putrid heat of the tailor’s shops, I got these really lovely tender sheets at such a good price, Hubs said he couldn’t sleep on our old sheets anymore πŸ˜„.

But I wasn’t eager to head back there in a hurry. So after reading reviews from previous buyers about how soft the sheets were I figured, well… maybe I could risk it. I jumped on the Eid promo sales and I started stalking the page for my preferred sheets for the boys, saving them for when the time would be right, hehehe.

I finally got round to placing my order just before the holiday ended. I am not fond of multicoloured sheets or patterns sheets for that matter for my room so I asked if she handled custom orders and she said yes. Oh joy!

I sent her what I wanted and got exactly it. I haven’t laid my sheets but I will update the post when I do.

Transaction completed on WhatsApp,

Told you I drive a hard bargain. She did waive the delivery fee but then I went ahead and transfered it in excitement πŸ™„

Order delivered in time (though there was a little mix-up when only the boys’ sheets got delivered at first) but she fixed it and I got overall great service from a fellow busy working mummy trying to make that side-paper.

Nice packaging too!

Verdict: @TheSheetHaven is definitely a keeper. Great value for your buck. The sheets are smooth, soft original cotton, and does not bleed (washed before we laid it). You can tell by how happy we are here.

What do you think?

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