Mummy Moment #30: My Greatest Accomplishment 

“Mummy, are you going to hang that up?”
“Hang what up dear?” Distracted as usual.

I’ve been in nesting mode lately.

No, I’m not expecting.

I just feel like my home needs a facelift. So I’m getting my dining furniture re-upholstered today (where is that darn carpenter sef?) and I’m buying a few new throw pillows and odd bits and ends. Will get round to painting the walls… soon. Anyway, while moving around my bookcase and our framed photos, M asked his question.

“That one,” he pointed. “The This-home-is-filled-with-love-and-laughter picture.”

I looked at the lovely wooden frame my dear friend gave to me when we moved here and smiled.

“Yes, I will dear.”

“Good. It’s true. We are always laughing in this house. Even me, I laugh the most.”

I felt my heart swell.
Sometimes I don’t know what I did to deserve this child, and other times I do know that I deserve him (LOL). When I got married, I told Hubs that if there was anything I wanted to do for our children in their lifetime, it would be to give them a home filled with love and happiness. That is not to say we don’t have ugly moments, but the most important thing, is that the love is present to cover the multitude of sins. Having my six-year-old confirm this to me today, I know that if I achieve nothing else in this life, this moment right here would be my greatest accomplishment. This right here would be enough.

I guess you could call this #familygoals.

2 thoughts on “Mummy Moment #30: My Greatest Accomplishment 

    1. Oooh my darling thank you so much, you give me too much credit for having a good child. Like I said, some days, he is just what I deserve for being a nasty mother. LOL. As for your dream, you have spoken, it will surely come to pass. Kizees xo

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