Boys Behaving.

Dino finds me making up to go out – Dino: Are you going? Me: Yes I’m going out. Dino: Are we going with you? Me: No, you’re not. Dino: Whyyyy? Me: Because you boys don’t behave when we’re out Dino: Even daddy?

Road Safety

We were leaving Debonair’s at Spar and anyone who knows that parking lot on a Sunday will testify to its busyness. So I had Lil’ Jay in my arms while holding on to a nylon bag of soft drinks and Hubs had Dino in hand with 3 boxes of pizza in the other. (We were … More Road Safety

Grammar lesson

So Lil Jay has a tendency to eat Dino’s food even when his own plate is in front of him. In fact, he will position himself in front of their meals and proceed to eat from both plates. Now Dino would allow him sometimes, but not when it’s bread with chocolate spread. “Mummy, Jay take … More Grammar lesson

Smart mouth

During the height of the fuel scarcity, we were forced to adjust and readjust our power budget at home. These days we are still very humble. Once there is a power cut, everything including the TV goes off so we can conserve power in the inverter for a latter time. No generator till it is … More Smart mouth