Mummy Moment #30: My Greatest Accomplishment 

“Mummy, are you going to hang that up?” “Hang what up dear?” Distracted as usual. I’ve been in nesting mode lately. No, I’m not expecting. I just feel like my home needs a facelift. So I’m getting my dining furniture re-upholstered today (where is that darn carpenter sef?) and I’m buying a few new throw … More Mummy Moment #30: My Greatest Accomplishment 

A Stranger’s Kindness

Originally posted on Adaugo's Diary:
? Dear Diary, It was a really long day. Emotionally tasking and physically draining. Walking to the bus station seemed like a herculean task and as I struggled to put one foot in front of the other, I found myself doing that which came naturally to me; crying. So…